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Houston, Texas


Where do you Sit In?

For many, protesting oppressive systems is a moral imperative. Is protest the answer? Is there a better way?
          "The dissident can offer, if anything, only his own skin- and he offers
           it solely because he has no other way of affirming the truth he
           stands for."
                                                                               ~Václav Havel

No time to analyze
Join us
Action weighs heavier
Than dull, timid poetry of talkers.
We have work to do
Meet us on Dowling Street 8:31am
Across from Emancipation Park
Bring your Faith
And a good pair of shoes…
A pencil
A copy of The Constitution
We will be there.

Join us.
No time to analyze.
Words slow action down.
We have work to do.
Waiting on you now.
Joe Campus Torres has been shot.
Carl Hampton has been ambushed and killed on Dowling.
Lee Otis Johnson has been jailed
For one marijuana joint.
Mickey Leland, Ben Reyes arrested.
Byron Gilliam shot on Scott Street.
Ida Delaney murdered.
Meet us at
Weingarten’s on Almeda!

Poem by Thomas Meloncon







Public participation of the project was posted on Instagram & Twitter under the hashtag #ORGANIZE

Organized Love: Ideas on Non-Violence
October 4, 2014- February 21, 2015

Group Exhibition: Organized Love- The African American Library at the Gregory School- Houston - An initiative of the Menil Collection. Participant of Gandhi's Legacy: Houston Perspectives.
Curated by: Danielle Burns

Non-violent social movements of the 20th century have continually posed the question of how non-violence can be a force for change in society. Organized Love: Ideas on Non-Violence, features sixteen contemporary artists and writers responding to the history of non-violent struggle in Houston and its aesthetic. Inspired by various archival collections in the city, participating artists responded to materials found in their choice archive through a broad range of approaches and media, including painting, photography, sculpture, site-specific wall-drawings, and installation.