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Sensitive About our Blues – explores the domestic interior of the “Drawing Room”, paying close attention to both the Southern and African roots of the structure including the 25-year art history of Project Row Houses.
  Belles et Cheries, 2022
Digital mural
  Installation view at Project Row Houses

  Digital tapestry, 2022   Installation view at Project Row Houses   Digital drawings for mural, 2022                  

Round 53

The curious Case of Critical Race- Theory?

ROUX Group Exhibition: Sensitive About our Blues
Curated by: Danielle Burns

This installation centers around the theme of forgotten artisans and craftsmen who formed the “Socièté des Artisans” in early 19th century Louisiana and the daughters of French Speaking Louisiana gentlemen - the “Belles et Cheríes”. The tapestry is an homage to Marie Therese Metoyer, a Cane River Creole, who grew her fortune growing tobacco and purchasing the freedom of her children and grandchildren.